03-05 September 2017 | John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh University


Skeleton   programme

Sunday 3rd   September


Welcome reception  and evening   introduction


Monday 4th   September


Joint session: a) Sustainable Intensification  and b) Effect of early life on meat and eggs

Egg Session: Egg processing and nutrition

Meat Session: Poultry meat and human nutrition


Egg Session: Eggs as functional foods

Meat Session: Advances in slaughter techniques

Egg Session:  Egg quality in   extended laying cycles

Meat Session: Genomics for meat quality

Tuesday 5th   September


Joint session: a) Camplyobacter  control b) Reassessment of egg risk

Egg Session: Nutrition and feed additives

Meat Session: Broiler harvesting and meat quality


Joint session: Eggs and early development, effects on product quality

Egg Session: Microbiology

Meat Session: Muscle quality and myopathies