03-05 September 2017 | John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh University

 We live in an online world.  Rather than duplicate those efforts we have provided links to biographies that exist on the breadth of experience represented by our invited speakers.



John Campbell, Glenrath Farms Ltd


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Does improved animal welfare result in better product quality?

Cecile Berri, INRA, Nouzilly


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Low atmospheric pressure stunning for the poultry industry

Dorothy McKeegan, University of   Glasgow


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Food poisoning and  poultry meat products, focussing on campylobacter

Tom Humphries, University of Swansea


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ACMFS consultation- microbial risk from shell eggs and their products

John Coia,  University of   Glasgow, Government advisory committee - Microbial safety of food


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Egg quality; hygiene in the hatchery & chick quality

Dinah Nicholson, Incubation    Specialist, Aviagen


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Management of incubation temperature during   embryonic myogenesis as a tool to manage meat quality

Carsten Krischek,  Foundation   University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover



Nutrition and metabolism in poultry: role of lipids in early life?

Cherian G. (Oregon State University,   Corvallis, USA)

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Role of poultry meat in a balanced diet aimed at maintaining health and wellbeing.

Francesca Danesi, PhD
  Food Science Campus - University of Bologna

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Genetic and environmental influences on meat quality


Richard Bailey, Aviagen

Extending the laying cycle - can egg quality be sustained

Aniko Molnar,  Institute for   Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO)

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Different catching methods for broilers and lesions detected at slaughter

Nina Langkabel,

Zentrum für Veterinary Public Health,   FU Berlin


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Meat quality in slow growing broilers

Lisanne Stadig,

Instituut voor Landbouw-, Visserij-en   voedingsonderzoek


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Dietary factors improving eggshell quality: an updated review with special emphasis on microelements and feed additives

Yves Nys, INRA, Nouzilly


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Technological advances in egg product processing and allergenicity

Valérie Lechevalier,  Agrocampus   Ouest,  35 042 Rennes,France


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Global Expression studies associated with muscle growth in Pedigree Male Broilers and Barred Plymouth Rock.

Walter Bottje, University of Arkansas,   USA


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Breeding techniques to improve egg number and quality

W   Anna Wolc , Iowa State University, USA



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